Mura Automation - Step 1: Get started with 2 words

I've been building sites with Mura CMS for about 4 years now, and can't say enough about how much I enjoy it..... that is, once I get going. True, there is an installer, but since I like to be particular about my development setup, it doesn't give me a whole lot of options when I'm just looking to start a new project.

The process of downloading the latest, greatest version of Mura, unzipping it to the location I want it, and renaming the folder, just seems trivial and ... well... annoying. Call me lazy, but I just don't like having to do it over and over again. Automation is something I hear buzzing around from many developers and designers using Mura CMS alike, so I've been motivated to get that process into action!

Enter Step 1

If you're a Mac or Linux user, then you're in luck. If not, ....well ping me, and we'll see if we can get the same outcome using Windows. If you're used to using Terminal (I prefer Iterm 2), you can easily create a shortcut to download the latest version of Mura into a directory of you're liking, and have it completely renamed to the project you're currently working on with two words. That's right, 2 words. Well, unless of course, your project name has multiple words, but lets assume that's not the case.


Prerequisite - You must have Git installed to pull the way we are below, although you could change it to pull the zip file, and then unzip it.

Open up terminal or Iterm, and first thing we need to do is modify your .bash_profile file. Enter the code below to do so.

nano ~/.bash_profile

Alternatively, you can simply fire up your text editor of choice, and open up ~/.bash_profile to get the same results.

Next, there are two things we'll do: 1) create an alias to our development folder, and 2) create a function to do our work.

Create an Alias

alias sites='cd /Users/YOURUSER/Sites'


Create a Function

# Start a new Mura site
function mura() {
git clone;
mv MuraCMS/ $1;

So, the alias just creates a simple shortcut for us, so that in terminal we can simply type "sites" to get to our Sites folder really fast. The second, is our function. First line tells us to go to the sites folder, then go clone the latest/greatest copy of Mura. Finally, we want to rename that folder to $1 which is whatever we pass into the function (see next section).

Save the .bash_profile.


Now, when we want to start a new project, we simply fire up Terminal, and type the following:


That's it! Enjoy!