Over the years, SB InnerWeb Development has been involved with many projects. This section lists out many of them, including the needs of the client and what we created to meet and exceed those needs.

Keep in mind that there are many sites that we've done that have not been listed yet, so check up soon to see them!

The best Salon & Spa in Santa Barbara!

Clean Design

Attractive and clean design by SB InnerWeb, to enhance the beauty of the services.

Services Section

Easy to navigate service section with detailed descriptions for any Salon or Spa service.

Elegant Portfolio

A simple elegance to highlight the beautiful work of the Salon and very easy to use.

Authentic Las Vegas-style Casino Events

Elegant, But Sexy!

Designed by SB InnerWeb, Dice & Diamonds Casino Events sports a young, night-life look.

Interative Gallery

Each image as its own caption, and can get viewed in a larger size.

Comprehensive Listings

In the casino events business, there is a lot of information to get across.

Ice Carving At Its Best!

Site Redesign

Redsign based on pre-existing website's design to keep in par with current branding efforts.

Structured Content

Each page is given its due attention to provide readability.

Vertical Navigation

Easy navigation with highly organized content

The Santa Barbara Skinny

Artistic Design

Although LOVEmikana was designed in collaboration, SB InnerWeb made many visual enhancements.

Syndicated Data

All featured and archived listings are syndicated in the latest best practices, utilizing HTML5 standards.

Varied Layouts

Layouts are different depending upon the content that is being viewed. Weekend Guide shows special use of extra information not used elsewhere.

Education From The Inside Out

Fun, Artistic Design

Homepage contains slideshow with upcoming events list

Team Listings

Faculty, Administrative, and Board members get listed with profile photo, title, and bio.

School Calendar

Shows upcoming, past, and festival events. Calendar filters by month.

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Musician

Clean with an Edge

Design is minimal, but with a flare towards a grungy side.


Features ratings, comments, credits, dates, and tags, which are all searchable.

Contact Form

Straight forward means of communication; perfect for those needing the minimum.