Over the years, SB InnerWeb Development has been involved with many projects. This section lists out many of them, including the needs of the client and what we created to meet and exceed those needs.

Keep in mind that there are many sites that we've done that have not been listed yet, so check up soon to see them!

Helping Schools Get Healthier

Clean & Inviting

The home page contains a slideshow, news feed, and more.

Complex Forms

Smart forms were created to allow for a robust, multi-step sign up process.

Photo Galleries

s'Cool Food has many photos it needs to manage, and does so by having multiple gallery displays, complete with lightboxes.

Food to your heart's content!

Interactive Gallery

The gallery provides an easy way to view YCN images

Straight Lines and Clear Type

With a modern edge, YCN makes for easy reading.

Tab Controlled Menu Options

Easy toggle between one menu set to the other, makes for easy interaction