Over the years, SB InnerWeb Development has been involved with many projects. This section lists out many of them, including the needs of the client and what we created to meet and exceed those needs.

Keep in mind that there are many sites that we've done that have not been listed yet, so check up soon to see them!

This site has more than meets the eyes!

Homepage Exposure

Features slideshow, latest video feed, introduction, and more 

Clean Type and Layout

Makes for easy reading

Interactive Navigation

Making ite easy to get to thosse pages a bit futher in

Stylish Golf Wear For Women

Clean/Dark Design

Sometimes less says more!

Collection Gallery

Each item can be viewed in a collection gallery.

Homepage Slideshow

The homepage features a simple, but elegant, slideshow.

A Family-Operated Law Firm

Clean, Corporate Design

The design is specifically crafted to be minimal and centric to the content thats needed. 

Firm Staff Listing

Details out the family lawyers and staff, their roles, along with a biography for each.

News Portal

Keeps the Flanigan Law clients up to date on what's happening with the firm.

Bar Review Programs and Preparation

Business-Minded Design

The layout and design imply that this company takes what they do seriously.

Product Sections

Products are grouped together to show relative content. This includes copy, video, and a JQuery accordion to filter information.

Product Listings

Each product has very detailed information, as well as pricing and quantity options.

A place to think, reflect, and create the future

Homepage Flash Slider

An attractive Flash slider easily illustrates the beauty of the ranch.

Attractive Design

Usage of photos throughout each page, add extra visual enhancments.

Photo Gallery

Portrays a simple, but elegant way of showing images, complete with thumnails and captions.

The Orfalea Fund and Orfalea Family Foundations

SImple & Intuitive Layout

Site featuresa a slideshow gallery on each page, and an intuitive structure of all the great things that the Foundations do.

Readable Typography

With a fair amount of content, the site needed to be easy to read.

News Portal

Makes keeping up with the Foundations latest happenings easy.