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1. Feathery Mark

A women's golf line of clothing, respecting the tradition of the game with a nod towards today's look!

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Project Background

With over eight different types of workshops and trainings to choose and over 21 audio CDs, the Fleming site has a significant amount of information to convey succinctly.

Project Features

SB InnerWeb Development created an ecommerce platform, which enables a shopping cart function for customers to sign up for and purchase classes online. Short videos embedded on the site help by offering potential customers a glimpse of the product available. A dynamic section for success stories helps provide visual interest.

Bar Review Programs and Preparation

Product Sections

Products are grouped together to show relative content. This includes copy, video, and a JQuery accordion to filter information.

Product Listings

Each product has very detailed information, as well as pricing and quantity options.

Account Profile

In addition to normal account data, Fleming's needed a means to collect other fields such as law school and expected bar exam date.

Shopping Cart

Cart features small images, names, skus, prices, quantity options, checkout, and more