Project Overview

Being likely the best ice carving festival in all of Canada, Ice On Whyte highlights some of the best ice artists in the world! As such, the website needed to emulate not only the amazing ice sculptures that are created at the annual festival, but also provide an easy to navigate, well organized structure for the large amount of content needed for the general public, such as travel instructions, daily activities, the ice carving, news updates, and much more.

Project Background

Ice On Whyte approached the services of SB InnerWeb Development to help facilitate a redesign and redevelopment of its former site. Although the pre-existing website's design was in par with their branding efforts, the content was far from intuitive,  and navigation was cumbersome to easily find what you were looking for. The request for SBIWD was to assist in creating a new site that would help continue pre-existing marketing efforts, but make it easier for the user to interact with the website.

After an assessment, SBIWD provided Ice On Whyte with a new layout and, based largely off of their exisitng color pallette, along with a completely new site structure and feature list.

Project Features

The new site is built using Mura CMS, so nearly all content can be handled by the client.

All underlying development was done using the latest web design standards, including HTML5 and CSS3.

The homepage now shows an interactive slideshow that the client can use and update to utilize marketing efforts and ease of administration. 

News and Events portal provides a blog-like means for Ice On Whyte to keep its users up to date, while at the same time, keep their content organized.

Social media is used throughout the site to compliment marketing efforts.

Sponsorship listings, including categorization and listing options, were provided. In addition, a slider within the side bar navigation shows a revolving logo for each sponsor.

Future Devleopment

Furture development will provide Ice On Whyte with such features as:

  • artist, team, and staff bios
  • an interactive photo gallery
  • auotmated festival award listings
  • and many more to come.

Ice Carving At Its Best!

Structured Content

Each page is given its due attention to provide readability.

Vertical Navigation

Easy navigation with highly organized content

News Portal

Give the client the tools they need to keep their clients up to date!