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1. Feathery Mark

A women's golf line of clothing, respecting the tradition of the game with a nod towards today's look!

Tags: web development, Mura CMS, web design, hosting
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Project Background is a highly active site. It needed a robust system to allow writers the ability to post their articles, and readers a simple way to join and subscribe to the skinnies of their choice.

Project Features

With a a demand for content that changes daily, LOVEmikana features a multiple sections containing a headline of the latest skinny, along with an archive of all those that have past. The homepage contains slide show panel that features each section's skinny of the week. Memebership is available via a sign up form, while the staff can update content on the site.

The Santa Barbara Skinny

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All featured and archived listings are syndicated in the latest best practices, utilizing HTML5 standards.

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Layouts are different depending upon the content that is being viewed. Weekend Guide shows special use of extra information not used elsewhere.