Project Overview

The s’Cool Food Initiative envisions the children of Santa Barbara County making healthy food choices throughout their lives.

Project Background

The s'Cool Food Initiative is dynamic and extensive, covering a breadth of information, resources and partnerships. This site needed to be highly organized and engaging for it to actually serve the needs of the community. An efficient set-up for managing and relating information had to be established as the project grew quickly.

Project Features

This is an example of a complex site that required many pages, making it one of our larger projects.  SB InnerWeb was able to create a gallery of both photos and videos, a complete news portal, protected contact form and a significant amount of relational references due to the number of project partners and resources involved.

Helping Schools Get Healthier

Complex Forms

Smart forms were created to allow for a robust, multi-step sign up process.

Photo Galleries

s'Cool Food has many photos it needs to manage, and does so by having multiple gallery displays, complete with lightboxes.

News Portal

The s'Cool Food Initiative has a massive amount of news it wants to share, so we created an organized way for people sort through it to find stay up to date.